Small groups

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Two’s company, five’s an all-out brawl

Not really. But kinda.


Owner vs. owner: definitely an all-out brawl

Whether you’re looking for a special date night, a fun time with your friends, a this-is-the-most-serious-competition-ever outing, or any group outing with five or less, we’ve got something special for you!

Five or less allows you to go through the whole course in one group! We love creating spaces for families to thrive, and what better way than to do a shared activity with one another, outside, away from technology, engaging in conversation! Date night? Perfect for casual get-to-know-you conversation and lighthearted fun. Competitive? Grab your khakis and shoot for the leaderboard! Need some entertainment for a bit? No problem. Depending on if your group is 2 or 5 people, you could be through the course in 35min! Want to challenge the owners? Bring. It. On. Anyone who beats the owners will go down in history as a very good miniature golfer. You may have a prize waiting for you too.

I’ve played the courses roughly 342 and a half times altogether. I fear no competition unless they’ve played the courses 343 times. Then I might have some concerns. Or if they’re wearing a visor.

-Erik Gustafson, Owner