Large groups.


Big groups. Big courses. Big fun.

Sounds about right.


Big fun for big groups.

Looking for a nice way to treat the staff? How about a fundraiser for a cause you believe in? Maybe you have 8 siblings in your family and your extended family is in town and it’s like, “Hey. This is a large group. We should have large fun.” Whatever your large group is (above 5) we want to serve up a great time for everyone coming. We love that mini golf can be played by both the 3 year old and 103 year old! If you can think of a party idea, we can make it happen! Unless our lawyer says no, then we can’t. Sorry.

Looking for a birthday party spot? Say no more. You ask, “Where is the information?” We say, “Soon, it will be here.” We host parties from small birthday parties to entire company outings! We create a space where people can gather and engage with one another in a fun and meaningful way. Looking for a place where everyone in your group can participate, not get injured, and have a blast? Again. Say no more. W'e’d love to host your next outing!